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Concrete Scanner Technician

About the opportunity:

Our client Maxbuild is in search of an experienced Concrete Scanning Technician who will work primarily in the Auckland region. Great opportunity to learn new skills. If necessary, Maxbuild will train the hired technician to use ferroscan scanners, ground penetrating radar scanners, ultrasonic equipment and pile integrity testing equipment.

However, it would be ideal if the applicant was already an experienced professional in the use of various testing equipment for structural assessments of bridges, roads and culverts ie. BRIDGES (and other concrete structures) - Concrete condition panels (half-cell, cover meter, resistivity, depth of carbonation) - Hilti coring - Ferro scanning - GPR radar survey - Steel sampling - PTSI investigation. ROADS - Pavement coring - Dynamic cone penetration - Rut profiling - Trial pit excavation/re-instatement. 

Role description:

Possibility to head their newly developed NDT department!

As a concrete scanning technician, you will use concrete scanning technology to locate and map the position of post tension cables, rebar and electrical conduits embedded in concrete, as well as employing core drilling techniques to make holes and openings within concrete structures. You will also be liaising with other contractors when required, and assist with preparation of quotations where necessary.

Work carried out by Maxbuild Ltd are as follows:

For Concrete Condition – :

  • Half-cell potential – used to map potential reinforcement corrosion over large areas before the effects of rusting, concrete delamination and spalling occur
  • Cover meter survey – used to cover large areas to assess the concrete cover from the surface to the reinforcement
  • Resistivity of reinforcement – used to measure sheet resistance of reinforcement, checking for current condition
  • Schmidt hammer – used to provide a non-destructive method of measuring concretes compressive strengths

For Concrete inspection –:

  • Visual surveys – Visual assessing concrete for defects such as the following, cracks, delamination, spalling, mineral deposits, blow holes, exposed reinforcement, exposed aggregate, water staining, honeycombing, rust staining and poor compaction
  • Sampling - Taking samples from structures for laboratory testing. We will be sampling concrete cores for compressive testing, concrete dust for the following tests: chloride ion, cement content and HAC (high aluminium cement)
  • Reinforcement inspection - Inspection of concrete reinforcement I will be exposing required locations to comment on condition, also if structures have been built to the correct design that an architect may believe.
  • Reporting - once gathered all of the relevant information from site compile a report with the findings for the client. On selected projects it may be required to complete interpretation reports. In these reports the Concrete Scanning Technician looks at the findings closer, interprets concrete scanned areas and test results, diagnoses problems to the client and suggests solutions to rectify the issues.

Responsibilities will include:

  • Address problems and situations, keeping site safe and on schedule
  • Develop new technologies in the non destructive testing arena
  • Assess client requirements and seek any structural plans available
  • Research and development of scanning and locating
  • Read and analyse plans
  • Complete and submit detailed electronic technical report on the result of the scan

It is essential for someone to have the following background / experience / qualities:

  • Civil / structural engineering experience with job / contract management background in the civil/construction engineering industries
  • Sound knowledge of civil / structural engineering principles, particularly steel reinforced concrete structures.
  • Proficient with ground penetrating radar Proceq GP8000 and Hiti PS300 x-ray
  • Shows interest to learn new technologies and to use scan analysis software
  • Posses basic knowledge of photographic software
  • Preference will be given to New Zealand citizens, New Zealand residents or New Zealand Work Visa holders currently in New Zealand. 

About the company:

Maxbuild is a New Zealand concrete repair specialist that focuses on repairs and maintenance services for infrastructure and commercial buildings. The company, established 11 years ago, offers a broad spectrum of services across a wide range of construction disciplines to a diverse client base, delivering to the highest professional standards.

What will they offer:

  • A competitive remuneration package based on experience
  • A variety of work
  • Full training and career development

To find out more:

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